Palletizing Software
We have palletising software with many advantages both for the end user and the system integrater.

Systems based on our software have been installed at a large number of factories including: Paz, Nirlat, Cosmopharm, Zan Lacol, Osem, Yavne, Sano and Strauss.   ‚Äč


Main Advantages:
For System Integrator

1)   Rapid Installation.

2)   Complete application set-up for single or  multiple palletizing lines.

3)   Maximum flexibility for application setup. System integrator can use tools on PC and/or edit robot programs to tailor performance to specific application.

4)   Optional control of multiple robots from one PC.

5)   Simple definition of palletising patterns.


For End Clients

1) User Friendly graphical run-time user interface.

2) Current operational status displayed including product name, dimensions, palletising pattern etc.

3) High efficiency . The robot can run at maximum speed. Communication with pc only necessary briefly when swapping product.

4) Ability to set up palletizing patterns or make minor adjustments as desired.