Paz Depalletizing and palletizing

Depalletizing empty cans from incoming pallets. 
The robot searches to determine exact pozition of cans. The empty cans are placed on an incoming conveyor of the filling system.

After the can's have been filled, the robot picks them up from the outgoing conveyor, and arranges them on the empty pallets.

Palletizing Projects


Palletizing 3 lines of paint containers of various sizes.

Sano Liquids

Palletizing 3 lines of products

The system paletizes 3 product lines, with about 30 different types of products.  The robot brings the pallets, places products and adds  seperating carton as required. This system has been operational for  about 15 years.



Palletizing cans of varient dimensions.
​The system have been running for about 20 yaers.

תמונת רובוט ביבנה

Nirlat 2 Lines
Palletizing 2 lines

Sano Paper

Handling 1 line of paper products. The system have been running for about 10 years.


Palletizing 3 lines of products

product. About 20 different products are handled by the system.

Zan Lacol

Palletizing 2 lines of cans

This system has been running in the factory for about 15 years.  

Straus Palletising 8 lines

Palletising 8 lines using 2 Yaskawa robots. Boxs are held using vacum grippers. This system handles many different products which are arranged using about 10 different arrangements.


Arranging bottles on a tray.

This system arranges a variety of bottle types on trays using a Yaskawa Robot


Palletizing 5 lines with 2 Yaskawa Robots

Palletizing 5 lines with 2 Yaskawa Robots. All of the different products arrive on one central conveyor. They are then sent on to each robot as specified using the controlling pc software. Product type is categorised using vision software to recognise the ID printed on each carton.