Tend Machine

Comprehensive Tend Machine Software Suite

  • The only Ready Made Tend Machine PC based software application.
  • Fast Installation & Setup.
  • User Friendly Operator Screens.
  • Unlimited number of parts definable on setup screens.
  • Scalable for a variety of architectures.

Ready Made Software Solution.

  • Easy-to-use configuration, customization routines development integrationmachine tending

Process Control:

  • Map screen which shows current status of parts on machines, robot etc.
  • Possibility of manual intervention in case of parts removal etc.
  • Select current part(s).
  • Start Stop buttonsetc.

User Friendly Operator Screens.

  • Operator screens may be in any languages (after translation of text file) .
  • Operator Language selectable at any time.
  • Alarms prominently displayed with diagnostic data available.

Setup Screens

  • Definitions of parts.
  • Other setup details

History screen

  • from entry of each part to system to exit including details of process''s etc.


  • Handling of SPC lots.
  • Integration of measurement or tests within process cycle.
2) One Robot on a slider loading/unloading parts to/from two (or more) machines from/to trays or shelves.
1) One Robot loading/unloading parts to/from one machine from/to trays or shelves.
3) One Robot on a slider loading/unloading parts to/from a sequence of machines such that a number of processes are performed on each part.
Possible Hardware Configurations supported: